Is it a Sacred Opportunity?

Have you ever noticed that “good” things often come out of “bad” things? Events or situations we see as disasters in our life can actually change our life in profound and wonderful ways.

I believe layoffs offer many individuals a sacred opportunity to re-examine their lives. For many of us, something as serious as a layoff is required before we will pay attention to thoughts and feelings that have been plaguing us for months, years, or even decades. Thoughts like: What am I doing in this job? Where is my passion? What is the purpose of my life anyway? Is this really all there is to life?

We may have ignored and stuffed concerns like these for so long that they have begun to show up in our bodies as disease — a physical manifestation of the disease of our souls. But if physical illness doesn’t get our attention, a layoff quite often does.

Many of us expend huge amounts of energy and time rearranging our lives so that we feel the sense of growth and wonder we crave. Yet we haven’t really created anything new, and our relief is short-lived. We may feel safe simply rearranging the box we live in, but our life force does not want to be contained in this way. Our life force wants to experience, grow, and expand. Our life force wants us to take the lid off of our box and explore new territories which beckon to us. Enter the layoff — a perfect opportunity for self-examination, self-expansion, and self-realization.

As you look now to re-enter the workforce, I invite you to consider the following questions:

1. “What is the most important thing to you in your life today? What do you find personally meaningful?” Take some time to really ponder your answers. When you started your career, your answers may have been very different. Allow this layoff to be your opportunity to “catch up” with all the changes you have undergone during your previous years of employment.

2. “When you were growing up, what were you most interested in doing?” Also consider if there was anything you were told as a child you could not do in the area of occupation or career. What were you told would be “best” for you? Now, as an adult with many years of experience under your belt, take a second look at your interests and the advice you received. Determine if the advice is serving you today, and how you can expand your parameters for success and personal fulfillment.

3. “What fears played a part in shaping your previous career? Which of those fears can you throw away now?”

4. “What part of your potential have you been resisting?”

5. “What possibilities — that you didn’t allow yourself to consider before — may be open to you today?”

Self-discovery is a continual process. You will not be able to complete it in an hour or two, but it is a process that is well worth starting. Once you take the first few steps, I think you might actually find that you enjoy it!

A layoff is a significant event in your life. Though it may not seem so on the surface, I believe there is something sacred in such a life event. I invite you to allow this sacred pause into your life. Use it as fuel for creating a life that supports you in experiencing joy and fulfilling your true potential.

As a Spiritual Facilitator, I would find it difficult not to end this article by reminding you that Divine assistance is always available to you. Now is a great time to ask the Divine to help you glimpse your true potential. Ask the Divine to accompany you as you lift the lid off of your box and re-create your life. I wish you much success on your journey!

By Arleen Hannich



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